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As your business grows and changes, your communication requirements expand too. Available in lowband, UHF and VHF frequencies, the Motorola CDR700 repeaters suit a wide variety of applications and can be integrated with your existing infrastructure to meet your needs


Highlights of the CDR700

Signalling - No
Battery Life - 8 hours (High Power), 10 hours (Low Power) - With Standard NiMH battery
Power Output - Continuous Low Power 25W (to duplexer) Intermittent High Power 40/45W (to duplexer)
Option Board - No
Keypad - No
Display - Yes
Mil Spec - Nil
Weight (gm/kg) - 12.8 Kg
Frequency - Radio Dependant
Dimension (H X W X D) - 310mm x 211mm x 318mm

• Users have the flexibility to choose their frequency and power levels best-suited for their business or to combine two frequencies to create bi-directional or crossband repeater.
• The sleek and compact design of CDR500 allows quick and easy access for system adjustment.

Compact & Reliable
• The 15A continuous duty power supply allows selection of either thermal controlled or continuous operation of the fan for quiet performance and enhanced efficiency on the CDR700
• Battery Revert Module is available for CDR700 to provide operations efficiency.
• A wide range of radio accessories and antenna's available to expand the repeater's capabilities.

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