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GP328 Plus

Motorola GP328 Plus portables are instrinsically safe for use in harzardous classifed locations which are approved and ceritified by Ffactory Mutual (FM) Research Corporation
Safety is a key concern for any chemical company dealing with dangerous and flammable substances.

GP328 Plus
Highlights of the GP328 Plus

Channel Scan - Allows the user to monitor activities on different channels.
Signalling - The GP328 Plus 4 channel model offers the following MDC1200 signalling:
PTT-ID (Encode) -
Radio Check (Decode) Emergency Personal Safety Siren - At the touch of a button the Emergency "Personal Safety" Siren can be a activated emitting an ear piercing alarm.
PL/DPL - Private Line and Digital Private Line enables multiple work groups to be allocated to a common channel.
Time Out Timer - Will time out communication after a predetermined time, allowing channel access to more users.
Busy Channel Lockout - In the event of a busy channel the radio will alert the user that another person is on the channel.
Advanced Audio Technology
- Sound quality is critical for effective communications. The GP Plus Radio series is specially equipped with Motorola's voice compression and expansion technology called X-PANDTM. The X-PANDTM feature enables crisper, clearer and stronger audio quality, allowing users to continue communicating even in noisy conditions. In addition, lowlevel expansion enables further improvements in audio quality by reducing unwanted background noise usually heard during pauses in conversation.
Led Battery Gauge - The tri-colour LED battery gauge at the top of the radio alerts the users to recharge the battery should the battery level run low.
Switchable RF Power Level - By just pressing one button, users can switch to a low power when communicating within limited range coverage or switch to a high power level when further distance is required. High transmit power optimises range coverage while a low transmit power conserves battery consumption.
- Users have the freedom to communicate through a repeater for wide area coverage, or bypass a repeater and talk directly to another radio if the coverage is within the range or when the repeater fails.
Tight/Normal Squelch - Users have the flexibility to protect their communication by selecting to a tight squelch to filter interference of unwanted weak signal; or switch to normal squelch to increase coverage.
Lithium ION Battery Option - Using the latest technology in battery chemistry, Motorola's GP Plus series offers a Lithium Ion battery option which provides high power at a lighter weight.
Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25 kHz) - The series allows programmable channel spacing of 12.5/20/25 kHz; offering flexibility and easy migration of channel spacing requirements when the need arises.

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