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Licenses Consultancy
License is necessary for the wireless, radio and other required service according to government laws and rules. License is the base of running such services. Pyroson provides licence consultancy services to the clients those are according to the rules and follow the law and rules of the license authorities. They provide following licenses to clients:

  • New Licenses
  • Renewal of Licenses
  • Addition/Cancellation of Licenses

New Licenses: They provide assistance to get license from Department of Telecommunication Ministry of Communication and IT on consultancy basis.

Renewal of Licenses: They provide consultancy for renewal of existing customers' license and guide to the clients that how to renew existing connections by fulfilling the terms of licensing authorities.

Addition/Cancellation of Licenses: If someone need additional services or cancellation of services it is necessary to get additional license from the authorities and if existing clients want to cancel the existing license they also require to fulfill the cancellation process for the licenses they are using. They provide full technical and commercial consultancy for Addition License and Cancellation of License services to new and additional customers.

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