Wirelless Provider India

Wireless India

Udaipur, India based company Pyroson offers Wireless solutions for all of the communication needs including:

  • 2-way radio communications.
  • Headsets and ear microphones for all major brands.
  • Installed mobile radios, Base stations, hand held portables.
  • Repeater systems conventional and LTR trunking.
  • Attractive prices on batteries and accessories.
  • Authorized dealer for Motorola radios and most major brands including Kenwood, Icom amd Punwire.
  • Authorized warranty and non-warranty repair center.

Providing Communications Solutions For Every Need: Equipments from a select group of industry leading manufacturers are supplied by them. Pyroson Provides sales and service of major brands of communications equipment and other wireless products and accessories of all major brand two-way radios (wireless) and ancillary products including Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and Punwire.

They offer worldwide parts and service support and technical expertise and engineers to keep system operating at maximum capacity. They know that their success lies in understanding clients' needs well. They know exactly what clients need - reliable, dependable, responsible communication solutions. They supply equipment from the selected group of industries leading manufacturers. They take the time to consult with each client regarding the proper set-up, equipment programming and staging of their project. They install it to exacting standards. Their trained and experienced engineers and technicians provide quick turnaround. They undertake friendly reliable repair and refurbishment service at reasonable prices. They are committed to keeping the cost to clients as competitive as possible. Enjoy their branded world class advance wireless communications solutions tailored made to clients' demanding standards.

Dependable 2-Way Radio Systems:
Nowadays 2-way radio systems has been a communication staple for wireless communication in a wide array of settings. 2-way radios offer solutions that better enable clients to efficiently coordinate and communicate with clients workforce. Two-way radios are typically used to ensure that users can maintain constant communication. They provide reliable, dependable portable and mobile communications with the most advanced technology available. It is reliable, dependable and has stood the test of time in regards to performing in extreme conditions, as well in emergency situations. For quality based reliable service clients can depend on them. When clients needs demand wide-area service, they can perform well. All their radios have passed Motorola's grueling Accelerated Life Testing. They can help clients' determined available coverage areas and frequencies for the greatest efficiency, and supply clients from their complete range of equipment. Help and advise are always close at hand with their network and clients will benefit from the years of experience and knowledge of communications that they have to offer.

Services in the interest of Public Safety:
They provide most dependable public safety communications technology to public safety officials. With over decades of expertise in wireless communications to their credentials, clients can only depend on Motorola for reliable, top-notched performance so crucial in clients mission critical tasks. It specializes in making two-way radios and other communication products used by police departments, fire departments, ambulance services and other local emergency agencies. Public safety communication networks offer the flexibility need in mission critical situations. With solutions so steadfast, clients need only worry about saving lives. Police, ambulance services, firefighters and more turn to Pyroson when communications become an efficient way of daily life.

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